Google Go can now read out any website loud

Image Source: Google

Google Go application programming language created by Google. The corporate company has updated it’s application, currently read billions of website pages in 28 languages. We are launching a new feature which will let everybody using Google Go browser hear to websites a loud, and in an exceedingly natural sounding voice, even on a 2G connections. 

The tech giant has announced the new feature at its annual event in Asian Nation, which is one of the markets Android Go was created for.

According to Google, the application new ability uses AI to determine the most necessary elements of a web page; it will solely read those sections and jump over everything else.

Since Android Go was designed for cheap phones with the most basic of specs, some devices engineered for the platform could also have relatively little screens.

Considering several of these Indian users favour listening and speaking over reading the text, Google explicit that the Application supports the 28 Indian languages, including with Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, and Tamil.

People using Google Go come back from many various backgrounds, and few might want extra tools to assist read and pronounce new words. According to the blog, this new feature will facilitate "people with visual or reading impairments, folks studying a foreign language, or those less comfortable reading long text."

With this update within the Go app, the technology company desires to make accessing the web easier for everybody.

(Source - ANI)

Image Source: Google