Android next OS update may spell bad news for app developers

Android next OS update may spell bad news for app developers

Android next OS update

Android next OS update – Android Pie was made official by Google as the latest version of Android about a month in the past. It will come with new options inter alia smart textual content selection and wind down characteristic. Apparently, the version was rolled out to several non-Pixel smartphones as well.

Now, it looks like the tech giant is prepping the new Android Q with features that may upset some developers. Claimed by XDA Developers, a new commit in Android Open Project showed that upcoming Android Q. May probably pop-up warning information to the user if He/She tries to run the older apps on the new Android devices.

Therefore, a graphic cited by XDA Developer reads a piece of warning information that says. This app was built for an older model of Android and may possibly not work properly. Also, try checking for updates, or contact the developer.

Android next OS update – bad news for app developers

Basically, every single new version of Android arrives with new application programmer interface degrees and features that were absent or unavailable on the older ones. Notably, many application developers prefer not to update their API amount in accordance with the new android model. This is to steer clear of applying for their run-time permission.

Also, Google began a crackdown on this behavior of developers by imposing constraints on the apps uploaded and update on the play store. In December 2017, Google introduced a new policy that mandated all new applications to target an API level of 26and higher. However, the policy applies to the application submitted post-August 1, 2018.

Furthermore, all existing apps need to leap to API level 26 or more from November 1, 2018, the policy states. According to XDA Builders, this does not mean that the apps jogging in older versions of Android will stop working once the Android Q is rolled out. Notably, the new pop-up information will assist Google to discover no matter whether an app is up to date or not.

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