Google is shutting down ‘Inbox’ app in March 2019

Giant search engine Google has decided to finish its ‘Inbox’ app by March next year 2019. Most of the options from Inbox have already been introduced through a Gmail design revamp earlier within the year. Support for Inbox will conclude in 2019, said the company in the blog post.

4 years and multiple updates later, the web company daclared this week it’s progressing to retire Inbox in March 2019 and instead focus on rising Gmail.
A lighter version, the Gmail app or desktop experience would keep company with restricted options, creating Inbox by Gmail a platform to create/expand on ideas.

Product manager Matthew Izatt said in a blog post the Inbox app had been, a great place to experiment with new ideas like snoozing emails to later, as well as try the newest AI, battery-powered experiences like good reply, nudges, and high-priority notifications to assist you keep productive.

A lot of the options in Inbox were well-loved, in the main as a result of they obviously lacking in Gmail without dealing with hacky third-party solutions. Inbox provided how to manage the onslaught of email with gestures that created it straightforward to method messages on the go.

In addition, those wont to the Reminders feature from Inbox will consider using the Google Tasks and Google Keep apps, each of which are offered for iOS and android. For those who use their email via Computer, Gmail, Tasks and Keep may be handled at the same time.

We know amendment is taught, thus we have created a transition guide to assist you turn from Inbox to the new Gmail with ease. Your entire conversations area unit already waiting for you in Gmail.

The update includes new design and also the smart compose feature borrowed from the Inbox app. The Inbox app currently joins the list of different Google services like Google Reader; URL shortened that become dysfunctional.