Google rolls out newest app Blog Compass for Indian bloggers

Google is continuing with its focus on the Indian web users with recent launch app for the market, the company has now introduced a new application launched to the Indian blogger’s community.

The new app, now in beta mode quietly pop-up in the Google Play Store this week with a note that’s it’s only available in India. The app essentially works as a Google analytics and recommendation platform for bloggers. The application allows the bloggers to manage their website and finds topics of relevance based on their interest and post history.

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The app also helps bloggers to manage their websites by tracking their site stats, comments and reading through tips for how to make their blogs more successful also.

It works with Google own Blogger blogs as well as WordPress websites. These are two of largest platform used by bloggers around the world.

Blog compass feels something likewise an introduced application for those who aren’t familiar with how the Web or Blogging works. That maybe appropriate for an emerging market seems like India, where many online for first time by way f mobile devices having skipped PC era of internet connection.

Blog Compass website screenshots some of the sample teachings the application will contain. These include courses on things like getting with SEO and Analytics. This application is simply design with navigation tabs at the bottom of the screens for moving through other section like Home, Topics, Badges, Activity and more.

We have reached out Google to ask for more features about its intentions with Blog Compass, including whether it intends to roll out to more features in the market, or it’s been developed specifically for India.

Therefore, it seems the idea to centralize a lot of topic research and blog management overhead a central place. Something you can’t necessary do with WordPress or Google Bloggers own mobile application where the focus in more on using those application publishing tools.