Facebook Messenger gets one new 'Biggest Features' of WhatsApp

Social networking big WhatsApp feature in its Messenger app. Recently, the company confirmed that it’s testing to feature the ‘unsend’ feature on its Messenger app on iOS and Android. Now, a report reveals that the corporate has started rolling out the feature.

As reportable by TechCrunch, Facebook has started rolling out the unsend feature in its Messenger app in phased manner. The primary wave of countries which will receive the feature include Colombia, Bolivia, Poland and Lithuania.

The feature can modify users to delete any message that they need sent erroneously. In order to unsend a sent message users simply got to hold on the message and then choose the “Remove for Everyone” option. After this, the message will be deleted for each the sender and the recipient. However, Facebook can keep the message for someday so order to review the message and report if they find something unethical or related to harassment.

The users can have a window of ten minutes once causation the message to unsend it. Just in case you miss that window then you’ll not be ready to unsend the message sent mistakenly. The company thinks that a ten minute window is enough to unsend a message that’s sent by mistake.

Last week, Facebook launched a video app referred to as Lasso. The app modify users to create and share short videos using filters and special effects. The app incorporates video written editing tools that enable users to add text and music to the videos. The new video app from Facebook is available on the market on each Android and iOS and users will login the app using their Facebook or Instagram accounts and also share their videos from Lasso to their Facebook Stories.