How to make WhatsApp Stickers from your selfies and photos ?

How to make WhatsApp Stickers from your selfies and photos ?
Facebook-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp recently lunched the Stickers option. The new feature permits users to send and receive stickers whereas chatting  similar to we tend in Messenger and other instant messaging apps. In the starting, there was only a some stickers pack available including the pre-installed one. However, users will transfer additional stickers using the built-in Sticker store. The Sticker store also offers the choice to download new stickers from the Play Store.

There are many third-party apps and stickers packs on the market to download, but you will rarely find one that you would truly like to share among your friends and family. What if, there is the way that allow you make your own Sticker pack or permits you to convert your photos or selfies into WhatsApp Stickers. Sounds interesting? Them here is our ready to guide for you and use them. Follow below the steps same.

Open Play Store and download any Background Eraser application

Open camera app and click some photos

Now, open the background Eraser Application and choose the photos

Erase the background and crop it to create it seem like a Sticker 

Create 3 or 4 such stickers as WhatsApp doesn’t support Sticker pack with less than 3 stickers.

Now, open Play Store and download the app referred Personal stickers for WhatsApp

Open the app, and it will automatically find all the new stickers 

Hit the Add button located beside the sticker

Tap on Add button once asked

Head back to WhatsApp and open any chat window 

Tap on the Emoji icon 

Go to the Stickers option 

Tap on the sticker to send and share with friends and family