WhatsApp brings cool new feature for all Android users

WhatsApp brings cool new feature for all Android users
Image Source: Pixabuy
WhatsApp for iPhone recently got a brand new button for group video calls. The feature has been rolling out with the most recent WhatsApp stable version a pair 2.18.380. However, WhatsApp has quietly pushed a protracted expected PiP feature with the most recent version for its Android users too.

Notably, the feature has been in beta mode for quite 2 months. It had been was first spotted in October for WhatsApp beta users. The PiP mode is according coming back to the users via the Play Store with WhatsApp stable version a pair of 2.18.380. Interestingly, there’s no official modificationlog for the new change.

With the most recent feature, WhatsApp Android users will view videos even when scrolling through the chat windows. For now, it’s our there for videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram only. The feature gets activated as before long mutually sends or receives a link from either of the social media platforms. One the link is tapped, the video can automatically begin playing in the picture-in-picture mode, without not wanting the user to go away current chat.

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Meanwhile, WhatsApp is according to introduce a bunch of latest features for its users. These embrace dark mode, sharing contact via QR code, multi-shares file and much more. Noticed for each Android and iOS WhatsApp users, the dark mode on WhatsApp are going to be like that of different platforms like YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter. Also, the upcoming feature of sharing contact QR code are going to be similar to the Nametag feature of Instagram.

It will facilitate WhatsApp users to share their contact details more simply. A unique QR code will be generated for each and every user that will include their contact details. Once this QR code is shared, WhatsApp can automatically fill all fields and therefore the contact will be added in users address book.