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WhatsApp new features: Fingerprint authentication, here’s how it will work

WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication

WhatsApp new features – Facebook-owned WhatsApp is asked to be working new features in order to reinforce the security of the app. As per a report, WhatsApp is working on introducing fingerprint authentication features in the apps.

According to WABetainfo, the Twitter account that keeps track of all the changes in the build of WhatsApp has according to that the company can shortly bring fingerprint authentication features for the Android users. Once enabled the feature can raise the user to open the app with a fingerprint.

WABetainfo highlights that the features are in the developmental process right currently. And, it’s disabled by default in the Android beta version 2.19.3. In an official post-WABetaInfo ask, After working to implement Face ID and Touch ID features on iOS . WhatsApp has finally begun to work on the Authentication feature on Android, using your Fingerprint!

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As per the report, users will notice the fingerprint authentication features among the app under Settings>Account>Privacy. Once a user allows the fingerprint authentication feature then the app is fully protected. Also in case, the application is not ready to recognize the fingerprint then users also can launch the app by coming into their phone credentials.

The report also adds the user can have to authenticate his identity in order to open WhatsApp. It’ll protect the complete app, thus it isn’t used to lock specific conversations.

WABetaInfo suggests that initially the feature will be obtainable for Android users then it’ll be rolled out on iOS as well.

Recently, it had been according to that WhatsApp can shortly soon redesign its section for sending audio files to the contacts. As reported by WABetaInfo, the upcoming Android beta version of the apps will have this section. WhatsApp users also will be ready to preview each the audio and the image of WhatsApp under this section. The new section is claimed to support up to 30 audio files at a time.

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