Android users, this will get your smartphone hacked

Android users, this will get your smartphone hacked
With hackers observing subtel means that to hack Android mobile phones for harvesting personal information, Google has currently got an alert of a new type of bug that may facilitate hackers.

The next time you receive a just simple photo of pets or some memes from somebody and if the file format happens to be .PNG format, then it may critically have an affect your phone.

No, we tend to don’t seem to be speech that every one .PNG pictures are measure unsafe, however there is a some way for hackers to create a malicious .PNG format image to use a bug in Android versions 7.0 to 9.0.

Google has alert users of this bug in the latest February Android Security  patch and it’s a important vulnerability on the framework. If it’s exploited, hackers will get remote access to execute malicious code to required control of the host device. 

Interestingly, pictures may be used to even track a phone location through WhatsApp. During this case, you may receive a WhatsApp message (or SMS) from associate unknown sender and it will raise you to click on a link that comes with the photos for additional content. Once you click on the link, it will truly simply show you more ‘funny’ content. 

The entire drill is harmless until currently. And in most case you may also delete the image once observing it. But what you will not realize is that the fact that by clicking on the lick you have given away your actual location, taken from your phone. And this information will then be used to stalk you.

The stalker truly uses this kind of way to trace you by making a masked link which otherwise looks like a Google link however truly sends information to a IP logger server.

So, before clicking on any pictures or links from random folks, it is extremely advisable that users keep this things in mind further.

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