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How to listen to audio messages secret in WhatsApp?

How to listen to audio messages secret in WhatsApp?

8 things to know WhatsApp audio secret trick

8 things to know WhatsApp audio trick

Secret tricks for audio files

Whatsapp Secret – If you are keen to speak with voice messages over WhatsApp then these little tricks will come really handy. For example, you’re in a meeting or wherever you’re an exceedingly in a very meeting scenario an audio file on speculated to concentrate and suddenly a friend sends an audio file on WhatsApp.

Our smartphone reflexes force us to faucet the audio message file and one thing too personal starts playing aloud on the phone speakers. And so it becomes agitation.

Here is everything you would like to understand this small old WhatsApp feature.

Know about WhatsApp Secret :

The next time you receive an associated audio message file on WhatsApp does not rush to plug your headphones.

Instead of plugging the headphone, simply hit the play button and place the phone on any of your ears as if you’re on a phone call.

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On lifting your phone, the WhatsApp audio message file can play through the headphone of your smartphone and not the speakers.

With this, you’ll use WhatsApp audio message files as a ‘walkie-talkie’ voice chat feature rather than typing or calling the recipient.

The next time after you do not have headphones around, you will secretly hear to WhatsApp files by doing this.

This feature has been there on WhatsApp for quite your time currently however only a few users appear to understand about it.

Note, that this WhatsApp tips work just for audio message files and not for video files.

However, this feature is available for each iOS and Android version of WhatsApp.

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