13 Most Useful Government Apps For Indian Citizens (2021)

Modi Government Apps – In this Digital Era, There is a list of government apps nowadays. By which government provide us, digitally active platforms in which cashless economy.

Encourage the start-up which gives the strength to our nation.

Creates consumer helpline, develops the apps which provide security, also in the fields of sport, make IRCTC govt app apps in which any individuals can book his trains ticket from anywhere and travel without any time loss.

In this digitalization, one can utilize more of his time. Here, 13 list of govt mobile app that one should download and know about it:

112 India Govt Apps

112 India Government App

In this year February 2019, the government launches this app for the security purpose for the citizens in emergencies.

This Government app is holding the ERSS system. Which means Emergency Response Support System is a pan India single number (112) in which ERC Emergency security system to handle an emergency request.

Bharat ke Veer Govt Apps

Bharat ke Veer Government App

Bharat ke Veer – This is famous mobile apps is an initiative for the citizens who want to pay homage to the family of Bravehearts.

Who sacrifices his life for his own nations who give his services in central Armed Police Force.

Our nation’s people appreciate this app and tribute to the martyr and also pay his affection and patriotic love to the family of the martyr.

DigiLocker Govt Apps

DigilLocker Government App

DigiLocker – This app is famous to give protection to your e-file, documents, your e-Aadhar card, pan card will be safe there with high privacy.

mParivahan Mobile Apps

mParivahan government app

An app to create copies of driving license, vehicle registration certificate, in addition to other things.

It can come in handy if you’re ever ‘caught’ by traffic police in case of violating any traffic norms.

mPassport Seva Apps

mPassport Seva Government Apps

This app is available on android and iOS easily. It contains the facility to apply.

Facility to pay online, facility to schedule which helps to get this easy and in this way.

We don’t require computers and printers for applying for a passport.

UMANG Govt Apps

UMANG Government Apps

In this app, you can surf Indian government services online.

Generally, the full form of UMANG is a unified mobile application for new-age governance.

It has features of 100 services of state and the central government in a single platform.

It includes scholarships, women safety, health-care, e-districts, passport Seva etc at single apps.

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Kisan Suvidha Apps

Kisan Suvidha Government Apps

Kishan Suvidha Apps – It’s a mobile app which makes for farmers in which farmers can get weather information of weather of current day to next five days, these apps also give information about dealers, market price, agro advisory, plant protection etc.

Unique features like extreme weather alerts, so this is the best government apps for farmers to get information and alerts.

Khelo India Govt Apps

Khelo India Government Apps

This application is part of a national program for the development of the sport.

Where there are many talented young people born with supernatural strength. But they failed, even once to show his proforma once. In this government apps. Provide young talent with platforms to help them achieve their goals. And make their parents proud and realize their dreams.


BHIM Govtt Application

This app is made for quick transaction from one account to another.

In which UPI system is encrypted UPI is a unified payment interface this is the quickest transaction process available nowadays, and widely accepted.

MySpeed (TRAI) Apps

MySpeed TRAI Govt App

This app is made for measuring your data speed.

Which regulates by TRAI (Telecom Authority of India).

In these apps, you can also realize the true data speed of your internet.

Which protects the interest of service provider and customer.

IRCTC  Rail Connect Apps

IRCTC Rail Connect govt application

IRCTC (Indian railway catering and tourism corporation) Govt Apps this is the next generation e-ticketing service, in which you can easily book your rail seat from anywhere.

And railway also provides catering services which are also available in the apps which makes your tour so special and memorable all this thing can happen with your one- touch.

MyGov Apps

MyGov Application

This is innovative apps among the relationship between government and the citizens in which the government can pick up any individuals problems and solve quickly.

And government policy next steps to the development also was mention to there which helps people to know about the plan.

mAadhaar Govt Apps

mAadhaar Govt Apps

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) ‘mAadhaar’ hence another useful app.

In addition, the most significant benefit of the mAadhaar app is that it enables users to share their eKYC information with any service provider anywhere.

UIDAI also provides a facility for the resident to lock/unlock their Aadhaar or Biometric Authentication.

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