Microsoft Office App: new launched all-in-one app

Microsoft Office App: new launched all-in-one app

Microsoft Office App: all-in-one


  • Microsoft has launched a new all-in-one app
  • MS Office app currently does not support a tablet

Microsoft has lastly launched the stable version of the MS Office App that combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one app for Android.

Microsoft Office Android

Now, Microsoft Office App – Word, Excel, PowerPoint & More, is now available on the Google Play Store.

Microsoft has been working on this new all-in-one app solution early November 2019. After privately and publicly review it, has now made it obtainable in a stable version to the publicly.

Right now, tablets and Chromebooks don’t support the app as there is no such thing as a tablet-specific UI.

MS Office App

Word, Excel, PowerPoint & More app for Android app permits users to work on Word paperwork, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint slideshows without having to switch apps.

It additionally allows looking out via records data saved on the cloud storage, be it Microsoft OneDrive different third-party cloud storage provider.

Some of the app’s key options include document creation by permitting users to take an image of a document and switch it into an editable Word file. Similarly, a photograph of a desk might be covert into an Excel spreadsheet.

It integrates Office Lens options for creating digital photographs of paperwork and whiteboards. Further, PowerPoint may also help in design presentations by simply choosing photos on the phone.

Scan QR codes from the MS Office

Users can now scan QR codes to open URLs from the Microsoft Office App: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & More.

In the second, tablets and Chromebooks do not support the app, and there’s no confirmation from Microsoft as to when that might occur.

As per report by Android Police, the app is locked in portrait mode and doesn’t have a devoted tablet user interface.

Some users on the Google Play Store have additionally expressed their considerations over the lack of tablet help. In an announcement to Android Police, Microsoft mentioned it has nothing to share presently concerning the tablet help.

Hence, the tablet and Chromebook users should proceed counting on the separate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps in the interim.

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