Step-by-step guide to read WhatsApp messages without opening

Step-by-step guide to read WhatsApp Messages without opening

WhatsApp messages, disable read receipts

WhatsApp messages tips tricks – The introduction of Blue ticks has made life tough for WhatsApp users. You need to hold Blue ticks switched on to know whether or not your message has been read or not and at the same time you do not need folks to know whether you have read their message or not.

If this is what is stressing you on WhatsApp then there’s a nifty solution, which can make it easier to read messages on WhatsApp secretly. This trick works for each Android and iOS users. Here’s how to do it.

Guide: How to read WhatsApp messages secretly

Turn on notifications for WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Wait for any WhatsApp message to seem in your mobilephone.

Once you get a WhatsApp message simply unlock the device without swiping away the notification.

After you get the notification, press down for a extended interval to read the message within the opening notification.

In order to use this trick just remember to do not swipe away the notification earlier than reading.

The trick will work on mobile phones running Android versions above 9.0 and iPhones running on iOS 13 Operating System.

Guide: Permanently Disable Read Receipts

If you actually value privacy and feel awkward about notifying folks of when you’ve read their messages, WhatsApp gives you the power to disable this feature permanently.

To do so, open the app and go to the settings option by either tapping on Settings in the lower-right corner (iOS) or tapping the menu button in the upper-right corner and selecting Settings (Android). From there, select Account > Privacy.

Now, simply tap on Read Receipts at the bottom of the Privacy option to toggle it off and finish up. Just bear in mind that turning this feature off will also prevent you from seeing if your messages are read.

In addition to this present, the feature will still work within Group chats, so you’ll have to use either method outlined above to stop the app from notifying senders.

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