How to use iCloud on Android – Follow Steps

How to use iCloud on Android - Follow Steps

iCloud app for Android

iCloud on Android – If you’ve gotten ever used an Apple device, you have to be conscious that the firm retains all its knowledge together with, images, videos, reminders, notes and extra on iCloud.

Going by the historical past of Apple apps and Android, the one app developed by Apple for Android is Apple Music.

That being stated, on paper, it’s practically impossible to get an Apple iCloud app for smartphones.

But, there is a workaround that enables Android smartphone users to reap the benefits of a number of Apple iCloud services. Wondering how? Follow our step-by-step userguide.

Well, the one strategy to entry Apple iCloud on Android smartphones is by using a browser.

Though the expertise just isn’t as seamless as the app, however, it will get the job finished.

Using the browser, users can add images and videos, download content material, check storing space and more.

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Users may also use the Find My iPhone function to find your connected Apple iPhone as properly.

Follow Step for use iCloud Android

To access iCloud on Android, open any browser and type in the search bar.

Now, log in and use Apple account login with username and password.

Once logged in, you will be able to select from the options you need to use.

Do be aware, not all of the options on Apple iCloud work on smartphone such as automatic sync, reminders, notes and many others.

The better part here is the Find My iPhone feature works perfectly.

Also, in case you are using a browser that helps web apps such as Google Chrome.

Then you wil be able to even make the as an app in your Android smartphone.

To do that, open the after which faucet on three-dots from the top-right corner and select Add to Home screen.

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