How to Loop YouTube Videos on your Smartphone

How to Loop YouTube Videos on your Smartphone

Loop Youtube videos

Usually, people don’t play YouTube videos on loop, however there are some videos that we need to listen to or watch many times on repeat.

It might be either your favourite song or atmosphere music, instrumental song or anything.

Well, a lot of the audio players or on-line streaming music apps permit users to decide on the repeat mode between repeat one song or repeat the complete playlist.

YouTube, by default, doesn’t have this feature. But, it’s still simpler to maintain a video playing in the loop than you might be thinking.

That being mentioned, playing part in a YouTube video on a loop in the browser is only a matter of just some clicks. However it’s a little difficult on the mobile app, however it’s certainly possible.

Play YouTube video on loop on browser

Open YouTube website on any browser and choose a video you want to watch on a loop.

Once the video starts playing Right-click on the video screen and selects the option ‘Loop’.

YouTube Videos on Loop

Play YouTube video on loop on Mobile

YouTube mobile app doesn’t have any as such a built-in loop feature and right here we will use a small workaround to play the video on loop.

Open YouTube app in your smartphone and select a video you need to play on Loop.

Now, tap on the ‘+’ icon from the Right corner of the playback display screen and select New Playlist option.

Enter the playlist name and set the privacy setting and tap on Create icon.

To listen to the song tap on the Library icon from the bottom right, select the playlist and play the video.

Once the video starts playing, tap on the down arrow and choose the repeat icon.

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