Top 10 brands that sell most mobile phones globally

Top 10 brands that sell most mobile phones globally

Top 10 Brands

Top 10 brands – It seems like, in comparison with the last year 2019 — fewer mobile phones have been sold across the world in 2019.

According to Counterpoint’s Market Monitor service, the world smartphone market declined by 1% year-on-year in 2019.

Still, companies managed to promote billions of units worldwide.

If you’re questioning that are the companies that sold most mobile phones in the world in 2019, then look no additional.


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Here we listing out Top 10 brands that sold most mobile phones:


The first participant with a 20% market share. The South Korean tech big shipped 296.1 million mobile phones in 2019.


In the second spot was this Chinese tech big with a 16% market share. Huawei shipped 238.5 million mobile phones throughout the world in 2019.


The Cupertino-based tech firm was the third number with 13% market share and shipped 196.2 million iPhones in the world.


At the fourth number, the Chinese tech firm garnered an 8% market share with 124.5 million items shipped.


The first BBK group firm in the listing with an 8% market share is Oppo. Oppo shipped 119.8 million mobile phones in 2019.


Just behind Oppo was the 2nd BBK group firm with an 8% market share is Vivo, which shipped 113.7 million items.


A seventh number is Lenovo Group — that additionally has Moto mobile phones — with a 3% market share. The Chinese firm shipped 39.6 million smartphones in 2019.


LG captured 8th number with a 2% market share. The South Korean tech big shipped 29.2 million phones in the world.


The latest brans on the listing are Realme and it had 2% market share. The Chinese tech firm shipped 25.7 million items of smartphones in 2019.


With a 1% market share, Tecno rounds up the prime 10 listings of smartphone manufacturers in the world. It shipped 21.5 million smartphones globally.

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