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Valentine’s Day 2020: Google becomes ‘troll’

Valentine's Day 2020: Google becomes 'troll'

Google ‘troll’

Valentine’s Day 2020 Week has started, and 14, Feb is Valentine’s Day.

You will probably be aware that this whole week is dedicated to lovers around the world.

Whereas, couples share love status and messages on a social media platform.

On the other hand, single people do not miss trolling each other with the help of this social media.


However, this time not only Twitter users but popular search engines, Google is also seen in the mood to troll single people in a native style.

The company has trolled folks in its native style through its twitter handle.

Google India has tweeted a tweet on its official Twitter handle, in which the company has unique written style Valentine’s Day 2020 and finally suggested to sing Tanhaaai for the single logo by doing Youtube India.

Although there are lots of the songs with this name, there is not doubt that the word Tanhai must have troll many singles.

On the opposite hand, the official Twitter handle with of YouTube India has responded to this tweet from Google in the unique method, however as a substitute of troll the only emblem, they have been supporting.

Also, YouTube has inspired single folks, giving them the title of comrade.

Many Indians have repulsed these funny tweets from each Twitter handles.

Everyone likes this desi style of Google India and YouTube India also.

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