Coronavirus infection – How to carry your Gadgets clean

Coronavirus infection – How to carry your Gadgets clean

stop spreading coronavirus infection

Coronavirus infection – With the number of coronavirus cases reported from across the world crossing 93,500, the responsibility to contain the COVID-19 lies with all citizens. However, there’s no reason to panic, and one needs to exercise caution by maintaining basic hygiene.

While much of the focus is somewhat diverted to wearing masks, gloves and washing hands, it is also essential to disinfect personal gadgets like laptops and smartphones regularly. Global health research reports from time to time have cautioned that mobile phones are a hotbed for bacteria and viruses and can be coronavirus disease carriers.

If your laptop, computer or smartphone is contaminated by probability, no quantity of handwashing will be fruitful. Here are some things you need to do to stop your laptop, computer, and smartphone from spreading coronavirus infection.

How to stop spreading coronavirus infection

  • Don’t hold your smartphone and handkerchief in the same trouser pocket also.

  • Please don’t use any cleaning liquid on devices as it might cause discolouration.

  • Use earphones for making cellphone calls reduces the possibility of virus transferring from the smartphone to your face.

  • If your smartphone is IP68 water-resistant, then use cleaning soap and water to clean or use hand sanitizer.

  • To clean laptops or computer apply ample amount of hand sanitizer and use a tissue to clean each nook.

  • Avoid utilising public computer systems in cyber cafes or workplaces. Use sterile gloves if you need to use them.

  • Don’t neglect to clean your earphones as effectively; you can use any hand sanitiser for a similar.

  • Always wash your arms with cleaning soap and water after cleaning your smartphone or laptop, computer.

  • Try not touching somebody’s laptop, computer or mobile phone and keep away from giving your gadgets to other folks.

  • Make it a behaviour to clean your own devices regularly at the least as soon as a day.

Note: Don’t neglect to switch off your laptop or smartphone first. Note that the use of hand sanitizer or any cleansing product with alcohol is usually not recommended for cleansing devices.

But determined occasions name for determined measures and you want a solution with at least 60% alcohol to kill SARS- novel coronavirus.

How to Track Coronavirus

One can simply go to this link and get real-time updates on the spread of the virus.

It provides reports including confirmed cases in various countries (globelly) around the world.

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