How to Restore iPhone easily after backup

How to Restore your iPhone easily after backup

How to Restore iPhone

Have you purchased a new iPhone? Do you just want to get back the old data in your currently running iPhone? Whatever be the case, this article is going to help you to how to restore your iPhone.

Restoring your iPhone can also help solve various settings and problems with your iPhone.

So, here are the steps for you to follow:

First Step: Backing up your data

This is the obvious step to restore an iPhone. If you have a brand new iPhone, then you may want it to use with old data and settings. For this, you will have to use either iCloud or computer(using iTunes) to backup data.

Also, if you already have previously backed up data then you can skip this step.


  • You will need a WI-FI connection for doing the backup because the backup data size may be large and you may have to wait for hours.
  • You can back up data to iCloud by going to settings, then click your apple id options and finally switching on the iCloud option.
  • Also, to back up the data to your computer, you have to use iTunes by connecting your iPhone with a USB cable.

Second Step: Resetting the device

Ok, now you have backed up your data to iCloud or computer. So, you have your data safe and secure. Then what we need to do now is perform a factory reset on the device that you are trying to restore.

The factory reset is not necessary if you are trying to restore a brand new iPhone, although, this is only true if you are running it for the first time.

Whatever the case is, if you face any problem with any iPhone, then just reset it.

Steps to reset an iPhone:

  1. Firstly, Go to settings.
  2. Then go to general.
  3. After that, open the “Reset” option.
  4. And lastly, click the option “Erase All Content and Settings”.


  • After you have performed the reset, the phone will then restart and you will get the instructions to continue.

Third Step: Restoring your iPhone

Now when the phone restarts, you will get step by step instructions to set up your iPhone.

Your work is to simply follow those instructions one by one and also you may be prompted for login information and passwords of your Apple ID.

After you have done that, you will find the option to restore your iPhone.

Select the backup(iCloud or iTunes) that you want to restore and then continue. Once you have done that, your phone will start restoring all the data from iCloud or computer(if you are using iTunes).


  • While backing up or restoring data to your iPhone, always stay connected to WI-FI and keep the phone charged!

In conclusion, restoring your iPhone may seem confusing but if you follow the steps properly, then it is very easy and simple. So, now go and restore your iPhone!

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