How to schedule mail in Gmail on Desktop & Mobile App

How to schedule mail in Gmail on Desktop & Mobile App

Schedule mail in Gmail, Gmail schedule email

Gmail schedule email – You might have encountered a state of affairs when you have got to shoot an email to a colleague; however, do not assume that it is an appropriate time to send it indeed.

Perhaps as a result of it’s after office hours or since you might not be available later when the email wants to send. One of Gmail’s most new features solves that drawback precisely.

On the 15th anniversary of its mailing service, Google introduced the feature of the scheduling of an email, together with three different nifty options.

If you’re wondering how one can schedule mail in Gmail, comply with these steps:

How to schedule mail in Gmail in Desktop

Open your internet browser and go to

Sign in to your account along with your email ID and login password.

Once you’re login your account, click on Compose on the left top nook of the window.

When the New Message window opens, write your email and enter the email ID of the person you need to send the email.

Instead of hitting the send, click on the down arrow icon positioned after it.

Click on schedule send.

A small new window will open and counsel three available time choices for you to choose for sending the email.

If the choices of pre-selected time do not include the time you have been in search of, you will have to click on Pick date & time.

Clicking that can open the calendar, from you may select.

Readers can select from up to 10 days because of the day they’re composing the email.

If you need to edit, cancel, or check your schedule e-mails, that locate the Schedule folder on the left side of the display.

How to Gmail schedule email in Mobile app

On the Gmail utility, write your e-mail or e-mail response as you usually would. Please make sure the specific recipients and include all attachments and pictures in our e-mail presently.

Instead of clicking the arrow to send your e-mail, select the three dots located to the right of the shaft. That will permit for a menu to populate on your display with extra choices.

On the bottom of your display, a menu with entirely different choices seem. Click Schedule send from the top to pick a date and time for your message to be delivered.

Another pop-up menu will seem over your e-mail screen. Gmail will counsel just a few times for you to send your e-mail. However, you’re free to select no matter what time is most excellent for you.

Once you click on a suitable time, your e-mail is all set, and Gmail is scheduling your message to send while you selected.

If you need to make any changes, cancel, or examine your scheduled emails, go to your folders on the app and click on the Scheduled folder. You’ll discover all your scheduled e-mails there.

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