Highest CPC Keywords List [2022]

Highest CPC Keywords List [2022]

Making money online with monetize your blog website solely via ads with highest cpc keywords.

To be a Adsense publisher you need a lot of traffic but you also need traffic to engage with the ads.

If you are serious about making money with adsense, I suggest you target these top paying keywords list.

Highest CPC Keywords List

Top 10 Highest Adsense Keyword List 2022

Insurance $61 cpc
Loans $50 cpc
Lawyer $42 cpc
Attorney $48 cpc
Credit $38 cpc
Donate $42 cpc
Mortgage $46 cpc
Degree $40 cpc
Conference call $42 cpc
Gas/Electricity $58 cpc

Top 10 Bonus Keyword Industries and Niches

Software $39 cpc
Hosting $31 cpc
Classes $36 cpc
Claim $25 cpc
Transfer $29 cpc
Treatment $41 cpc
Recovery $34 cpc
Rehab $33 cpc
Cord Blood $27 cpc
Trading $33 cpc

Best Highest CPC Keywords

Insurance Keyword:

Car insurance quotes colorado $100.93 cpc

Car Insurance in south dakota $92.72 cpc

Lawyer Keyword:

Best criminal lawyer in arizona $97.93 cpc

Asbestos lawyers $105.84 cpc

Criminal Defense Attorneys Florida $98.07 cpc

Car accident lawyers $75.17 cpc

Hosting Keyword:

Cheap Web Hosting $13.51 cpc

Free Web Hosting $5.21 cpc

Attorney Keyword:

Auto Accident Attorney $75.64 cpc

Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys $94.33 cpc

Mesothelioma Attorney Houston $99

Donate Keyword:

Donate Car To Charity California $130.25

Donate Your Car Sacramento $118.20

Donate Your Car For Kids $106.01

Recovery Keyword:

Hard drive Data Recovery Services $98.59

Credit Keyword:

24 Months interest free credit cards $301.93

Low credit line credit cards $94.49

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