Google Meet: Good news for Gmail users

Google Meet: Good news for Gmail users

There is good news for you if you use Gmail. Google has decided to offer one of its special services to Gmail users for free until June. Users no longer have to pay for this essential service.

Use Google Meet for free

Google has decided to offer Google Meet’s video calling service, which is exclusively for Gmail users, for free until June this year.

This means that you no longer have to spend a single rupee for this special video calling service (Google Video Calling Service). The company has informed about this in a tweet.

24 hour lift benefit

Google says Gmail users can now use the Google Meet service 24 hours a day without spending money. The company does not charge users for this.

However, it is being speculated that users may be charged if they use the service for more than 24 hours.

Let me tell you that just last year Google renamed its video calling service Google Hangout to Google Meet. In September last year, the company made the video calling service free for all Gmail users.

Google has since extended Google Meet’s free service to March 2021. Now the company has decided to continue the service for free till June this year.

Free for iOS and Android users

Notably, you can use Google Meet for free on your iOS and Android phones. You can add up to 49 people to this service.

Download Google Meet App for Android

Download Google Meet App for iPhone

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