5 Best Smart Band Under 5,000 [2021]

Hello, readers in this post we are going to talk about Top 5 best smart band to under 5,000 rupees in 2021. smart bands are very useful for those who is always worried about health. There are many smart bands in Indian market with higher and lower prices, but in this post we will see best smart bands in middle range. Smart bands are very useful.

You can use smart band as you health secretary. You can easily maintain your health with the help of smart bands. You can check your pulse rate, sleep time, daily steps count, how much calories you have burned, etc. So in short smart band makes your life more easier and healthier. Now we will look for 5 BEST SMART BAND IN INDIAN MARKET UNDER 5000 RS.

5 Best Smart Band Under 5,000, Best Fitness Band Under 5,000

Top 5 Best Smart Band Under 5,000



Mi Smart band 5 is one of the best choice to buy. Mi smart band price is 2,499 Rs. You can buy it from local market or you can also buy it from Amazon or Flipkart. Now we will look at specifications of mi smart band 5.

First of all we will see some details of display, so basically it has 1.1” AMOLED display with touch, it has 126*294 resolution with 16 bit colour and 450 nits of brightness. It has 14 days long lasting battery with charge time of  less than 2 hours.

It can support android 5.0 And iOS 10.0. it contains 512kb RAM with 16MB of Flash Memory. So with this specifications this smart band will be the best choice under 5000 rupees in India.

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Honor Band 5 India

Honor Band 5 is also A good choice to buy smart bands under 5000. Honor band 5’s price is 2,599 RS. This band is available in 3 colors Coral pink, Meteorite black, Midnight Navy. This band is recommended for health purpose. You can call and text, set alarms, set reminders, you can also use it as stopwatch.

Now lets see some details regarding display, so it has 240*120 AMOLED display. It also has backlight, its battery life is 14 days. It is water resistant at 50 meter depth. You can connect iPhones and Android devices with it. You can set alarms, exercise detector, calories information, distance you have traveled, monitor heart rate, set reminders, track sleep, count your steps, etc. so this will be also the best option.

Oppo Band Style

OPPO Band Style India

Next smart band is oppo band style. This smart band is available in Indian market at 2,799 Rs. Its latest smart band it was released on 8th march 2021 in Indian market. There are 2 colors are available black and vanilla. It is also best choice for health. This smart band is water resistant.

This smart bands has 126*294 pixels resolution AMOLED display. This smart band also contains backlight. Smart band has battery life of 12 days you can charge it in just 12 hours. You can connect only android devices with oppo band style. You can do all thing which you can do with honor band 5. it has 4 main workout modes like exercise, outdoor running, cycling, walking, swimming etc. this smart band has two sensors accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Our next participant is Samsung Galaxy Fit 2. You can buy this smart band at just price of 3,999 Rs in India. As you can see this band is made by Samsung, so there will be not any shortage of quality in this band. This band was launched on 2nd September 2020. There is 2 colors are available for this band black and scarlet.

As always this band is also suitable for fitness. So coming to the display it contains 126*294 pixels AMOLED display with presense of backlight. This band’s battery life is 15 days with battery capacity of 159mAh. You can connect Android And iOS with this band with Android version of 5.0 or above and iOS version 10+. This band also can do all thing as above bands. This band has 21 gms weight.

Redmi Smart Band

Redmi Smart Fitness Band Mi India

So the next smart band comes from Redmi (Redmi smart band). This is one of the top cheapest smart band in our list. You can buy this band in just 1,599 Rs. This was launched in 8th September 2020. this band is available in 4 colors black, blue, green and orange. As all bands this is also suitable for fitness purpose.

This smart band contains 120*220 pixels LCD display. This band has 14 days battery life and charge time of  2 hours with capacity of 130 mAh. You can connect Andoid and iPhone devices with it but, you need 4.4+ android and iOS with 9.0+. this band has 13 gm weight.


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