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Google revokes China’s Huawei's Android license

China's Huawei has received one of the largest blows in the current tension with the United States. Last week, the Trump administration added Huawei to a blacklist, straightaway enacting restrictions that build it trouble for the company to do business with United States counterparts. Acting on the ban, search engine largest Google suspended business with Huawei, which implies that the company will straightaway lose access to updates to Google's Android operating system. Here’s everything you need to understand about the Google ban on China’s Huawei, what it means for the company, China’s Telecom Huawei users as well as alternative smartphone companies. Google has suspended some business with Huawei that includes services the transfer of software, hardware and some technical services.   The United States-based chip companies Intel, Broadcom, and Qualcomm to have said that they are cut business deal with Huawei effect immediately.   Existing users of Huawei a

Google removes 22 Malicious Android apps from Play Store

Google removed 22 android apps from the Google Play Store that showed malicious behavior. These android apps collectively were downloaded 2 million times. The set also includes flashlight app, Sparkle Flashlight that was downloaded over a million times since it was made available on the Play Store virtually a year ago. As per, blog post by antivirus provider Sophos, 19 apps, that were created available from June this year, enclosed from the start a device-draining backdoor that enabled them to download files from a server controlled by an attacker, without not the users information. However, Sparkle Flashlight and two other application were updated in March 2018 to add the backdoor. Google is said to removes all 22 malicious android apps from the Play Store throughout the week of November 25. Andr/Clickr-ad is a well-organized, persistent malware that has the potential to cause serious damage to end users, as well as the entire Android ecosystem, the google blog post reads. T

Apple iPhone users in India are ahead of US in this thing

I ndians have emerged as prolific users of iPhone apps with over half ($25 billion) of the worldwide iOS App Store pay in 2017 coming back from the Asia Pacific region. India is graded third, behind Indonesia and China, on the list of average monthly application used on iPhones worldwide, per the newest study discharged by app following company App Annie . iPhone users in Asian country put in on a median 102 application per month on their smartphones and used Forty, whereas those within the United States (installed 96) and United Kingdom (installed 90) used 37 and 36 respectively in 2017. Also Read: Apple firm guards data privacy in China: CEO Tim Cook The iOS App Store generated $42.5 billion in consumer spend last year with over 70 percent of spend in each region going to diversion. The store, which generates nearly twice as much consumer spend as Google Play (which isn't on the market in China), is expected to generate over $75 billion in 20

Android next OS update may spell bad news for app developers

Image Source: Google Android Pie was made official by Google as the latest version of Android about a month in the past. It will come with new options inter alia smart textual content selection and wind down characteristic. Apparently, the version was rolled out to several non Pixel Smartphone’s as well. Now, it looks like that the tech giant is prepping the new Android Q with features that may upset some developers. Claimed by XDA Developers, a new commit in Android Open Project showed that upcoming Android Q may probably pop-up warning information to the user if He/She tries to run older app on the new Android devices. An graphic cited by XDA Developer reads a warning information that says, This app was built for an older model of Android and may possibly not work properly. Try checking for updates, or contact the developer. Basically, every single new version of android arrives with new application programmer interface degrees and features that were absent