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Microsoft Office 365 is now available on Apple's App Store

Apple this week has claimed that Microsoft Office 365 is now available on App Store where Apple users will download directly the signature apps lick Word, PowerPoint and Excel that are popular software in Microsoft Windows system. The debut of the Microsoft Office 365 in Apple App Store came a touch bit later than what Apple 1st announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference since last year, once the Cupertino, California-based tech firm promised the Microsoft Office 365 package would be on the market by the end of 2018. Apple   mentioned users should purchase a subscription for Microsoft Office 365 from within the apps, that was designed specifically to support features that are unique to the Mac user experience, reports Xinhua news agency. Apple and Microsoft have worked together to bring great Office 365 productivity to Apple Mac users from the terribly beginning. Now, with Microsoft Office 365 on the Mac App Store, it is easier than ever to get the most recen

Apple's iOS 12.1 software updates causing new issues

Even though Apple initial updates to iOS 12 has cured the iPhone charging problem, iOS version 12.1 is inflicting users to complain regarding frequently broken calls, network and signal connectivity issues and battery life problem, the media reported. Since upgrading, owners of each new and previous iPhones are finding their phones either do not build or receive calls. Bluetooth connectivity , Wi-Fi and battery-related problems are again surfacing on an iOS generation that Apple has promoted as being all regarding potency, stability and speed, Forbes reported on Weekday. The iPhone maker released iOS 12.1 as a software update with bug fixes for user complaints relating their devices not obtaining charged once connected to a lightning cable, not displaying subtitles in video apps and creating Bluetooth unavailable. Also Read: Apple iPhone users in India are ahead of US in this thing Apple has also reportedly self-addressed the users relating to their complaints reg

Apple iPhone users in India are ahead of US in this thing

I ndians have emerged as prolific users of iPhone apps with over half ($25 billion) of the worldwide iOS App Store pay in 2017 coming back from the Asia Pacific region. India is graded third, behind Indonesia and China, on the list of average monthly application used on iPhones worldwide, per the newest study discharged by app following company App Annie . iPhone users in Asian country put in on a median 102 application per month on their smartphones and used Forty, whereas those within the United States (installed 96) and United Kingdom (installed 90) used 37 and 36 respectively in 2017. Also Read: Apple firm guards data privacy in China: CEO Tim Cook The iOS App Store generated $42.5 billion in consumer spend last year with over 70 percent of spend in each region going to diversion. The store, which generates nearly twice as much consumer spend as Google Play (which isn't on the market in China), is expected to generate over $75 billion in 20

Apple firm guards data privacy in China: CEO Tim Cook

A pple chief executive Tim Cook on Tuesday asks the firm is devoted to protective people's privacy, with information encrypted and bolted away on servers even in China. Cook referred to as privacy collectively of the most important problems with this century, and maintained that the US-based technology colossus even safeguards information Chinese law needs it to stay hold on there in country. We worked with a Chinese firm to supply iCloud services," Cook ask, relating to Apple's service for storing digital content within the internet cloud throughout associate degree interview with Vice News. But, the keys to the information area unit ours. Cook ask Apple hosts information on servers in associate degree array of countries, however it’s dangerous for native authorities to get access. China is understood for tight internet controls, prompting worries concerning the privacy of information hold on there by Apple. Privacy may be a “human right” - even in Ch