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50 million of Facebook users Accounts Hacked

Accounts of over 50 million users have been hacked Additional 40 million users accounts are also at risk of hacking The Facebook breach affects security exposes   Facebook, already facing scrutiny over however it handles the personal data of its users, said on Friday that an associate on its computer network had exposed the non-public data of nearly 50 million users . The accounts that are compromised include the Facebook accounts of Mark Zuckerberg , Who is that CEO of the company, and accounts of chief in operating officer Sheryl Sandberg . Facebook has said that a future 40 million accounts were also at danger of hacking. The protection breach is due to a bug in sight as feature, that has currently been fixed. Facebook unconcealed that the breach transpire as a result of it’s “View As” feature. The feature permits individuals to check however their profile appearance to people. Hackers targeted the code of this feature and scarf “access tokens” . In alter

Uber settles with US for $148 million over 2016 data breach

U ber Technologies has settled with the top highest legal officers altogether 50 U.S. states over a colossal information breach that it did not disclose in 2016, partitioning one in all the more additional important embarrassments and legal tangles the ride-hailing company has suffered over the last few years. State attorneys general said on Wednesday that Uber pays a fine of $148 million , to be distributed in varied amount across the states and Washington, D.C. The amount is precedent setting for attorneys general settlements in security cases. By comparison, the multi-state settlement with Target business firm in 2017, over a information breach in which 41 million folks had their information stolen, was simply dollar 18.5 million . The settlement follows a 10 month investigation into a information breach that exposed personal information from around 57 million Uber accounts , together with 600,000 driving license numbers. The terms also additionally embrace changes

Hackers siphon off refund money of 1500-plus Amazon customers

Image Source: Google An incident of fraudulent diversion of refunds meant for e-shopping Amazon customers by hackers to their own accounts of over 1,500 subscribers in Lucknow. The legal cell of Amazon filed a complaint on the basis of which an FIR was lodged against unknown hackers at Vibhuti Khand police station. A large number of Amazon subscribers had been complaining that refunds were not being credited to their bank accounts. Following complaints, the company got an internal audit and reefing money of around 1,500 subscribers had been siphoned off by hackers into their own accounts. The cyber cell of Lucknow Police is now looking into the matter.   Amazon legal cell said it was for the first time such an incident was reported in the company and it started getting complaints on a regular basis almost every week from the month of June. Customers who wished to return their purchases were asked by Amazon to feature their bank accounts to their Amazon accoun