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Android users, this will get your smartphone hacked

With hackers observing subtel means that to hack Android mobile phones for harvesting personal information, Google has currently got an alert of a new type of bug that may facilitate hackers . The next time you receive a just simple photo of pets or some memes from somebody and if the file format happens to be .PNG format , then it may critically have an affect your phone. No, we tend to don’t seem to be speech that every one .PNG pictures are measure unsafe, however there is a some way for hackers to create a malicious .PNG format image to use a bug in Android versions 7.0 to 9.0. Google has alert users of this bug in the latest February Android Security   patch and it’s a important vulnerability on the framework. If it’s exploited, hackers will get remote access to execute malicious code to required control of the host device.   Interestingly, pictures may be used to even track a phone location through WhatsApp . During this case, you may receive a WhatsApp messa

Honor Days sale on Flipkart : Avail discount on Honor 9N, Honor 10, Honor 7S

Flipkart has declared another smartphone sale on its platform. The sale called the Honor Days has kickstarted today and can continue until January 5 . In the 3 day long sale , buyers will avail discounts on Honor smartphones that include Honor 9N, Honor 9 Lite, Honor 10, Honor 7A and lot of. Honor 9 Lite selling at its ‘lowest ever price’ on Flipkart currently. While the 3GB RAM variant can be purchased at Rs 8,999, the 4GB RAM variant is available at Rs 10,999. Both the variants are originally priced at Rs 10,999 and Rs 14,999 respectively. Honor 9N with original price tag of Rs 11,999 and Rs 13,999 for the 3GB and 4GB RAM variants. In the sale, they are available at Rs 8,999 and Rs 10,999 respectively. Buyers will also get no-cost EMI purchase option on both the smartphones. Honor 7S with 3,020mAh battery can be purchased at discounted price of Rs 5,999. It is available with Rs 3,000 discount on its original price.   Honor 9i which comes with a price

Google has good news for Android users

Internet search giant Google has supposedly made it a command for all popular Smartphone’s and tablets to get 2 years of Android security updates. As indicated to a report by The Verge, Google's secret demonstrate numerous makers presently have unequivocal commitments about their telephones updated written into their contract with Google. The contract reveals that Google’s Android accomplices determine that they should give “at least 4 security updates” within the first year of the device's launch. In the 2nd year too, security updates are mandated, however, without a specified minimum number of releases. The terms of the agreement are applicable to any gadget launched after January 31, 2018 and has been enacted by more than 100,000 users. Post July 31 2018, the fixing necessities were applied to 75% of a manufacturer’s “security mandatory models.” Starting on January 31, 2019, Google will need that all security compulsory gadgets receive these updates.

Apple iPhone users in India are ahead of US in this thing

I ndians have emerged as prolific users of iPhone apps with over half ($25 billion) of the worldwide iOS App Store pay in 2017 coming back from the Asia Pacific region. India is graded third, behind Indonesia and China, on the list of average monthly application used on iPhones worldwide, per the newest study discharged by app following company App Annie . iPhone users in Asian country put in on a median 102 application per month on their smartphones and used Forty, whereas those within the United States (installed 96) and United Kingdom (installed 90) used 37 and 36 respectively in 2017. Also Read: Apple firm guards data privacy in China: CEO Tim Cook The iOS App Store generated $42.5 billion in consumer spend last year with over 70 percent of spend in each region going to diversion. The store, which generates nearly twice as much consumer spend as Google Play (which isn't on the market in China), is expected to generate over $75 billion in 20