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WhatsApp brings cool new feature for all Android users

Image Source: Pixabuy W hatsApp for iPhone recently got a brand new button for group video calls . The feature has been rolling out with the most recent WhatsApp stable version a pair 2.18.380 . However, WhatsApp has quietly pushed a protracted expected PiP feature with the most recent version for its Android users too. Notably, the feature has been in beta mode for quite 2 months. It had been was first spotted in October for WhatsApp beta users. The PiP mode is according coming back to the users via the Play Store with WhatsApp stable version a pair of 2.18.380. Interestingly, there’s no official modificationlog for the new change. With the most recent feature, WhatsApp Android users will view videos even when scrolling through the chat windows. For now, it’s our there for videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram only. The feature gets activated as before long mutually sends or receives a link from either of the social media platforms. One the link is tapped, th

Facebook Messenger gets one new 'Biggest Features' of WhatsApp

Social networking big WhatsApp feature in its Messenger app. Recently, the company confirmed that it’s testing to feature the ‘unsend’ feature on its Messenger app on iOS and Android. Now, a report reveals that the corporate has started rolling out the feature. As reportable by TechCrunch, Facebook has started rolling out the unsend feature in its Messenger app in phased manner. The primary wave of countries which will receive the feature include Colombia, Bolivia, Poland and Lithuania. The feature can modify users to delete any message that they need sent erroneously. In order to unsend a sent message users simply got to hold on the message and then choose the “Remove for Everyone” option. After this, the message will be deleted for each the sender and the recipient. However, Facebook can keep the message for someday so order to review the message and report if they find something unethical or related to harassment. Also Read: Infosys to open Texas hub, hire 500 Americ

WhatsApp is adding 'private feature' to Group Chats for Android users

Image Source: Google Facebook-owned WhatsApp has extended a new feature for its Android users. The feature is termed 'Reply Privately' and is presently available only for Beta users, however is expected to be extended to all Android users soon. We noticed this feature on our WhatsApp app version pair 2.18.356. This feature is basically for those that need to reply in privately to a message from a selected contact during a cluster Group communication. This reply can go to the personal chat of the user you’re replying to. Here is however you’ll be able to use the Reply in privately feature: Go to any cluster oral communication. Select a message from the person you want to reply Find the non-public Reply possibility within the menu This will take you to the contact's personal chat with the message selected you wish to reply to . Readers should note that if they require this feature immediately, they have to download the latest WhatsApp beta on Android d

WhatsApp latest Announcement: What it means for you

Image Source: Google Over the previous few months there has been a battle production between the government of India and instant electronic messaging platform WhatsApp . The bone of contention has been handling the menace of fake news. In what can be termed as a giant step in reaching a compromise with the govt., Facebook owned WhatsApp has finally appointed a govt. officer for India. Komal Lahiri, who is that the senior director, global client operations and localization, WhatsApp has been roped in to be the govt. officer for India. For a short time currently the government of India has wished WhatsApp to possess a ‘point of contact’ in the country. Looks feels like WhatsApp has finally ceded to the request. Here’s what WhatsApp latest Announcement means for you: Users can presently contact the grievance office through the app or via email. WhatsApp FAQ page states, To contact the Grievance Officer, please send an email in along with your criticism or concern

WhatsApp gets nod from NPCI for enabling in-app bigger payments

Image Souce: Google M essaging giant’s app WhatsApp has been granted permission by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) to develop in-app biggest payments and money transfer using UPI .   Messaging app WhatsApp Pay has been operating in beta version here since its launch in February with limited exposure to users. The company started its P2P (peer to peer) payments on the UPI platform here but it is restricted to only 10 lakh users. Speaking to the Times of India, MD and CEO , AP Hota NPCI confirmed that WhatsApp had received a nod from the payment institution. We have permitted multi bank partnership as WhatsApp did not want all transaction routed via one bank when payment loads are high.   Hota said, Players like WhatsApp , Google are very large in size and thus partnering with multiple banks makes sense to ensure a smooth payment process. Google is waiting for the RBI’s approval to go live on UPI. Online merchants like Amazon and Uber are also in fin

WhatsApp CEO on India visit this week amid fake news row

CEO of WhatsApp Chris Daniels is visiting India this week and is likely to meet IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad as the company attempts to address concerns around fake news, on its messaging platform which have to horrific crimes. According to sources, Chris Daniels will be in India for 4-5 days, starting tomorrow and meet business and government officials during his visit. He is also likely to meet IT Minister tomorrow, although this could not be independently confirmed with the company. Emails sent to WhatsApp didn’t elicit any response. One of the persons aware of the proposed visit said that WhatsApp officials plan to discuss measure being undertaken to the issue of fake news on its platform for the reason that the impending launch of its payments services in the country. Government officials, who confirmed that a meeting has indeed been sought - said the ministry, on its part, will reiterate its demand of WhatsApp establishing a setup in India, and also addressi